Cataluña. let's see Sant Llorenc de Montgai

Sant Llorenc de Montgai the world of rock climbing and birds
One hour and half driving from Barcelona you need a good relax point and here you find a peaceful world full of birds flying around and your are stunned into a large river and everything reminds you of the The Big Year movie (film about birds watchers).

The landscape inspired me to take some photos. I walked on the road and had meditation in between the observation uniqueness of the nature. The river barely moving and looks like lake, but the birds flying like crazy and sounds amazing. I also went to see the rock of course and chose good climbing routes for next visit. Well next couple times was a little bit I did not expected to be but we need to visit many times and not because of taking photos but for my project in climbing. So my husband took chance to take some good photos of me climbing in my route.
Climbing wall by the river Segre.
After 14 days I could resolve my route and send it but then I also took chances to find the good spot for taking pictures. I still need to go back. I noticed many reflections there which are mostly in the morning, but not often and they looks amazing. I took some pictures but definitely I will return to this village.
Birds in morning and evening are really loud.