About me

I am woman, wife, sister and daughter, climber and masseur, climbing photographer, adventurist and traveler. My passion is climbing, traveling, photography, exploring the world and be with nature. I love to draw and collect stones from all over the world since I know how to walk and barely talk.

Well I was born in eastern Europe, in Kiev, moved to Slovenia as a kid, and now I am moving more west, to Spain.

I finished all school obligations, graduated in radiology engineering and seems that I still need to find my dream job.

I started to write my blog two years ago and realized that sometimes even if you write for someone else and after people drag you and say: Hey Anja thank you for good advice or nice blog, good job.!, then I'm happy and satisfied as well. 

Well the thing is I am still writing a blog for travelers and climbers for new destinations, but now I started to think to give a good photo destinations or just new perspective of my view of photography. Climbing is beautiful sport where you can share moments of people and nature. After a few years of experiences I can give you some good advice about climbing or both. Even I am not the best photographer in the world it might be for you and for me useful things to share with what I love the most. 
that's me.
Best girls family ever: best alpinist my sister on the right, best physiotherapist my mom and me on the left maybe one of the best multipraktik women.

on the top of Pizzo Badile with my husband.
never get bored on the belayers.
My lovely family.